Supporting A Person

I've learned some things,About supporting somebody; When they want advice,Give it, When they don't,Support them in their decisions,Help them to see it through; Help them to make the best of their situation,No matter what it is and on their terms,Whilst simply being a friend; The best thing you can give is unconditional support,Which is exceedingly … Continue reading Supporting A Person

Slowing The Rot Of Increasing Inequality

How do we stop inequality from increasing?I don't know,But I think there are some important ideas for us individually,Some ways in which we can at least reduce our own contributionβ€” By thinking about what we can do,Over what we have, By thinking about how we can help,Over how we can outcompete, By thinking about how … Continue reading Slowing The Rot Of Increasing Inequality

One-Dimensional Being

One-dimensional being,Tell me,How do you keep looking forwards,So relentlessly? Do I have a choice?He replied, Me and my fellows,We agree to remain in constant forwards motion,Or else nothing would ever get done! How do you communicate? Alas, my only experience of the world…Is of varying shades of brightness,Ahead and behind, I can only ever hope … Continue reading One-Dimensional Being

Strengthening Opportunities

The greater is the perceived horror and injustice,Through OCD's eyes,The greater is the opportunity,For strengthening the more positive networks. This thought first occurred to me about a year ago,During the car period,When I was trapped between wanting to make the most of each day,Feelings of depression,And the major restrictions and requirements imposed by car living! … Continue reading Strengthening Opportunities

Vous Γ‰tiez

Vous Γ©tiez une lumiΓ¨re dans l'obscuritΓ©,Vous Γ©tiez contre le chaos une force de gravitΓ© ,Vous Γ©tiez un bastion d'intΓ©gritΓ© au milieu des poussiΓ¨res, Conserver votre fortitude,Et vous atteindrez la vitesse de libΓ©ration nΓ©cessaire. You were a light in the darkness,You were a force of gravity against the chaos,You were a bastion of integrity amongst the … Continue reading Vous Γ‰tiez

To Be Successful?

Isn't it amazing,How deeply it runs, β€”The definition of success,Being how much you've earned? How much of a virtue,Isn't entrepreneurship?To be a self-made person,From rags to riches; It obviously isn't,And never has been,But it runs so deeply that,Even the most well-meaning are infected, It makes for uncomfortable observing,From my high horse,No, only joking,I genuinely find … Continue reading To Be Successful?