This Is What Fascism Looks Like

Our government is demonstrating the early/mid stages of a totalitarian government. That disability benefit which took me years to get, alongside failing those dehumanising Personal Independent Payment assessments, keeping me in poverty and helpless (and most importantly hopeless) but for the financial help of family members? Well, with the government's budget announcement today that benefit … Continue reading This Is What Fascism Looks Like

(Un)Welcome To The Hotel United Kingdom

We will ensureThat not just anybodyWill be allowed entryInto the United Kingdom's Modern Slavery System; Indeed, anybody whom happens to beSex-trafficked here illegallyWill not be allowed the same rights as UK slavesFor UK slaves are afforded more rights than any other slavesInThe world; Moreover, those would-be slavesCrossing in their billions in make-shift boatsWhom do not … Continue reading (Un)Welcome To The Hotel United Kingdom

CroΓ»ton’s Got Her Cute On πŸΉ

Little CroΓ»ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye ohWith a sniff-sniff here and a sniff-sniff thereHere a sniffThere a sniffEverywhere a cute sniffLittle CroΓ»ton is so cuteEe eye ee eye oh! Also I was looking through Happy Hamsters' Instagram and found this older picture of CroΓ»ton. So she does like certain hoomans! 😀 Look … Continue reading CroΓ»ton’s Got Her Cute On πŸΉ

My Hamster Hates Me πŸ˜’

CroΓ»ton had some teething issues during the first 10 days after adopting her…she started chewing part of the base of the wooden enclosure, which I knew was a possibility beforehand but she was fine for most of the first week. After a few days I emailed Happy Hamsters about it, and also realised that her … Continue reading My Hamster Hates Me πŸ˜’

Democracy And Resilience

All I can think when looking at images from the Turkey/Syria earthquake is how sad it is the combination of populous countries lacking self-determination with the location where they're situated. Turkey had the funds to be more resilient to earthquakes but lack the self-determination so the money and opportunity is squandered through corruption. Haiti has … Continue reading Democracy And Resilience

La Grande Crouton!

My previous hamster 25 years ago was a male golden Syrian hamster named Stephen. Crouton is a female and she's massive πŸ˜…. She's a giant fluffy potato. 100% chonky and showing no signs of being 2 years old! She's been exploring everywhere and building an underground fortress. πŸŒͺ