Plain Old Living Mate

Another day, another variant,
W e c a n ‘ t g o t h r o u g h t h i s a g a i n …

I bet that’s what they thought going into the second Christmas of World War 1,
Then at the beginning of World War 2;

We can’t, indeed;
But life’s a succession of moments,
We’re not living the whole thing all at once,
But one day at a time;
Isn’t all of life a pandemic?
A succession of goals and obstacles and doing what we can;

Granted they had more of a community back then which of course helped immeasurably in getting through tough times;

It’s a terrible and tragic reality that pandemic in our modern society means so much social isolation,
As it didn’t have to be that way;
It would’ve been so much nicer if your neighbours were bringing round meals when you were ill,
Or putting your bins out for you,
In return for you mowing their lawn when they couldn’t;
Much of community can still happen during a pandemic even amidst the worst of it,
We just didn’t have any basis for that to begin with;

So the way to get through tough times is not to resist,
But to live it one day at a time and make the best of each micro-decision,
Interacting positively with others where you can.

I didn’t even need to found a religion nor write a manifesto to come up with that! πŸ€ͺ
Just plain old living mate.


3 thoughts on “Plain Old Living Mate

    1. Well…I think they already were πŸ˜†. It’s scary and dystopian the level of disconnect that exists generally. When that is the case people are capable of bad things.

      To be honest here all the pandemic kind of fear is gone, life is back to normal for everyone except healthcare workers. Which also sucks. And that’s down to unvaccinated people. I’m one of the few people wearing a mask (because I follow all the stats and see the ambulances).

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