To Be Successful?

Isn’t it amazing,
How deeply it runs,

β€”The definition of success,
Being how much you’ve earned?

How much of a virtue,
Isn’t entrepreneurship?
To be a self-made person,
From rags to riches;

It obviously isn’t,
And never has been,
But it runs so deeply that,
Even the most well-meaning are infected,

It makes for uncomfortable observing,
From my high horse,
No, only joking,
I genuinely find it absurd;

I’ve always asked myself,
When committing to anythingβ€”
If somebody close to me died,
Could I continue to do this?

From observing others,
I’ve seen a correlation,
β€”Whether by nurture,
Or propelled by circumstance…

Always, it comes down toβ€”
You’ll pass this test, if youβ€”

Are living by your values,
The ones which constitute you,

You will reach that point,
Whence you realise their import,
β€”Everybody does,
To cut a long story short.


5 thoughts on “To Be Successful?

  1. Hey Robin, well said. Have I ever recommended The School of Life to you? Five hundred videos on YouTube, many of them based around the idea of being good enough, coping with failure and happily admitting to our imperfections, which I know you are happy to do, which not many people are. You are braver than most. I think I have mentioned them before and maybe you have watched some. Healing balm for anyone who hasn’t been conventionally, economically ‘successful’.


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