One-Dimensional Being

One-dimensional being,
Tell me,
How do you keep looking forwards,
So relentlessly?

Do I have a choice?
He replied,

Me and my fellows,
We agree to remain in constant forwards motion,
Or else nothing would ever get done!

How do you communicate?

Alas, my only experience of the world…
Is of varying shades of brightness,
Ahead and behind

I can only ever hope to meet my immediate neighbours,
With whom communication is achieved,
By varying our speeds;

Don’t you ever look backwards?

What would be the point?
It would serve no purpose!
We cannot circle around,
We can only move forwards!

Now, get out of our dimension,
You are blocking the path, sir!


Alright, alright,
Calm down, you square!

… seriously!?
That’s out of line!


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