It’s Never F***ing Worth It

It’s funny how you get annoyed,
Then come up with some ritual to overcome it,

You’ve been doing well, so it’ll do no harm,
But honestly it’s never f***ing worth it πŸ˜‚.

Are swear words in titles a no-go?
Who f***ing knows
Ohh you’re such a punk.


19 thoughts on “It’s Never F***ing Worth It

    1. I was just trying to get comments for SEO purposesβ€” so thank you! What’s your favourite colour? 🀣.

      Well, it’s too late now as I’ve already been swearing! But I was originally deliberately avoiding using them, except with asterisks in them. Which barely makes any difference, lol. It was a small gesture. In some situations I think it actually makes them more effective. But I was just curious about the fact that I don’t remember seeing a swear word in a title, so far! So thought I’d push the boundaries a bit πŸ˜„. Pioneer some new literary ground 🧐.



      1. Ohhh no it was actually about OCD. I wrote it to help stop myself ritualising, and it helped. Expressing this concise thought in a humourous way really simplified it all down for me. And the swear words were used in a sarcastic way. I thought it may help other people with OCD or any kind of anxious ritualising/ruminating too.

        I’m generally very light hearted with what I write, unless it’s really obvious that I’m actually angry or frustrated. Actually I tag those with those words when I’m really feeling bad.

        Hope that makes sense!


  1. Well, I think we know what my answer to this will be!! 😁

    Seriously, I figure if my swearing (in a title or otherwise) is not for someone then they will just scroll past the post or, at worst, unfollow me.

    That’s a shame if so but one of the things I love about WP is the freedom to express yourself in whatever way you feel.


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    1. Thanks! Yeah, honestly I’m not worrying that much about it in terms of other peoples’ reaction :D. In fact in the last week or two I really reached a point of hardly/not caring at all.

      It was as much an intellectual question as anything else, haha. I’ve never seen a swear word in a title, so far!

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    2. I used to asterisk ALL the swear words, now I’m letting some through, thanks to you! You’re a bad influence 🀣. But I’m trying to save them for when they’re really needed or for sarcasm purposes :P.

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    3. To be honest, for some reason I positively like the idea of writing stuff that’s so unexpected it causes people to unfollow me, because it would indicate that I’m not living up to expectations, which is the last thing I’d want to do πŸ˜‚.

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      1. Alright curiosity’s got the better of meβ€” was it the ‘standard deviation’ bit or the ‘sexist’ bit? πŸ˜„

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      2. Haha, so it was both! 🀣. Thank you for the feedback my friend! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘Š

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