F**k Off, Bones!

As he unearthed from the dirt, bones of a human skeleton,While crouched under the trees in the middle of the night, He questioned himself,What had he done!? Now this terrible dilemma,To confess or to cover upβ€” The first would mean admitting to trespassing,In the garden of a house he should not have been, The second, … Continue reading F**k Off, Bones!


We didn't need to find it,We didn't need to see it,We didn't need to scientifically prove it,To those of us who knew it, Who felt it in the poetry of the planets,In the stars,The galaxy,Its undoubted inevitability, A perfect variety of worlds,Of sizes,Compositions,Temperatures, Why else would you need diverse rocky planets spread across the inner … Continue reading Origins

Dreams 7

Triangle-tiled mosaics,Overlaid dusty brown plains, Edged with ancient golden shorelines,Tinged blue, shading to violet then to black, And as the terminator crossed the landmass,Those triangular structures,Shimmered pink in the setting sun of Arcturus; Classic signs of advanced intelligence,Yet, this time was different,For squares, rectangles and circles,Had ostensibly been done to death; Why do they use … Continue reading Dreams 7

Dreams 5

Bottomless waters,Luminescent trees,Upside-down,From a stained-glass ceiling, Faint grey shapes,Of leviathans deep,And a mighty great bass,Through which they speak; Life amongst the trees,Where monsters cannot reach,Vibrant, rich ecosphere,Of antiquities deep; Life at all scales,Microscopic to titanic,An ocean abuzz,With this chemically-rich soup, Feeding off the heat,From a celestial dance,And bathed in a rhythm,Of tectonic vibration; Why did … Continue reading Dreams 5

Dreams 3

Throw them all into a black hole,The lot of them,And observe their spaghettification; Spaghettification is an astrophysical term,To describe the tidal stretching,Of an object experiencing a steep gravitational gradient; Throw them all in,They'll be stretched into spaghetti, Moreover, this will take a nice while,From our perspective, fortunately, As this gory vision,And their screams of pain,Will … Continue reading Dreams 3