Trauma Dreams And Memories

I don’t usually reflect backwards at the moment because I’m too presently stressed to do it, but last night I dreamt that I was on holiday with family and extended family, and I was in extreme mental distress again so my parents locked me in a cage for being bad. I was ignored by everyone. When we got home I was extremely traumatised but everyone else just carried on as normal, having had a nice relaxing holiday.

In real life on the way home from a holiday my dad stopped the car by the side of a road and dragged me out, then drove off and left me there for about 20 minutes, all because I was in distress that he was driving too fast and wouldn’t slow down when I asked. He never slowed down when I asked.

In every incident like this I could never understand why nobody took my side against my dad, because he was so obviously in the wrong. I meticulously memorised each incident because I knew it was wrong, whereas for everyone else they were instantly lost to memory. For everyone else, each incident only reinforced their bias against me which lasts to this day. The exception being my youngest brother who was born when I was 12, and being sensitive like me he gained an unbiased perception of me.

Big ooft.


13 thoughts on “Trauma Dreams And Memories

  1. That was such nightmare. I don’t get how people could be cruel to children. It’s beyond me. I believe the bad in people and I saw it and I experienced it myself. We do wonder why no one has stood up to defend the weak.

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