Dreams 7

Triangle-tiled mosaics,
Overlaid dusty brown plains,

Edged with ancient golden shorelines,
Tinged blue, shading to violet then to black,

And as the terminator crossed the landmass,
Those triangular structures,
Shimmered pink in the setting sun of Arcturus;

Classic signs of advanced intelligence,
Yet, this time was different,
For squares, rectangles and circles,
Had ostensibly been done to death;

Why do they use triangles, Grandad?

Culture, perhaps;
It’s not the most efficient way to do things,
But, to these beings,
Creativity and art clearly matters;

Is that a good thing?

Yes, generallyβ€”
Those worlds which displayed appreciation for abstract beauty,
Were the longest-living civilisations,
And had the highest probabilities for off-world exploration;
Though it appears they ran out of time in this case;

Come on, let’s go, Grandad,
Arcturus is dimming again;
There can’t be long left, nowβ€”
Perhaps we can watch the show.

Credit: ESA/Mars Express, under license: CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO. Cropped from original.


12 thoughts on “Dreams 7

    1. 😁. Golly gee! Thank you!

      I just found the right image for it, after much obsessive searching! πŸ˜†.


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    2. I just realised I mixed Betelgeuse and Arcturus in the one poem πŸ˜†. I changed the star to Arcturus from initially being Betelgeuse, because Betelgeuse isn’t old enough. Interesting fact: Arcturus is about the same mass as the Sun, and is a red giant at around the same age as we’d expect the Sun to be.

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      1. Thank you for explaining all that!
        You inspired me to write a poem about the sun, I will probably post it next week.
        It’s just a feel good poem about our wonderful sun, πŸ™‚

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      2. Amazing, Margie! I just know it will be beautiful 😁. Glad I could inspire you. I’m really looking forward to reading your poem. Just make sure that it’s scientifically accurate… πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰.

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  1. Ancient Sacred Sites Triangularly Aligned by the Footsteps of the Gods:

    Ancient architects not only placed temples sharing commonalities according to perfect triangles, they did so from the sky and across vast distances.

    The Hindu Trimurti is the eastern equivalent of the Holy Trinity, in which the gods Vishnu, Brahma and Siva represent the three faces of the central godhead. In the Rig Veda there exist numerous accounts of Vishnu’s unusual behaviour of “measuring out the Earthly regions, thrice setting down his footstep.”

    What the Hell does this have to do with Dreams 7 anyway?

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    1. “they did so from the sky”

      Interesting! πŸ€”…πŸ˜‰ Perhaps it’s not such an original idea. Although still infrequent, especially when used for structuring entire global transport and infrastructure systems 🧐.

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