Ran Out Of Red Pills

I had a dream last night where I was at a cinema watching a movie, and half-way through went out to go to the toilet. Somebody else had done the same and weirdly I seemed to recognise the person from the movie itself…

After the movie everyone went to the bar which was in the same building. I was noticing more people who strongly reminded me of characters in the movie. The guy sitting next to me said I should get a beer. He was drinking a bottle of corona which looked really refreshing right then. But then I remembered I needed to take Sertraline medication as it had been a while and I was starting to get a headache, so I couldn’t.

I began asking other people if they thought they’d recognised anyone from the movie…? No one seemed to really agree which was frustrating. I started trying to google the movie name to look up characters on IMDB, but it was hard to remember the name (of course!). I was really disconcerted though and suggested to others there in the bar that perhaps our faces had been deepfaked onto the characters somehow? I was running through my mind how they might have got the data to do that. ID cards, video cameras in the building?

The point of telling this was…that might not actually be a bad (if freaky) idea! Sell seats to a movie viewing with each seat matching a character. Seats cost different amounts relative to the screen time of the character. Then your faces are deepfaked onto the characters’ faces πŸ˜‚. Worryingly it’ll probably be technically possible soon. And if it’s possible, you can guarantee someone’s going to try it.

I dreamt a whole load of other weird stuff last night too, even to the point where I was referencing real memories from within the dreams, only to realise I was waking up from dreams into other dreams, then realising the memories were false too…layers of imagined stuff unravelling as I returned to reality.

Thing is, once you are back in reality it does hit different, so you know when you’ve truly woken up. But I did say that in the last layer of dreaming too…


12 thoughts on “Ran Out Of Red Pills

    1. Yeah they are really interesting as a phenomenon. Easy to see how they were imbued with mysticism and significance in the past.

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    1. It really is! And mildly disturbing.

      I wondered if it’s the kind of thing you might experience on the way to psychosis, since I read once that hallucinations and delusions are functionally like dream images and thoughts but occurring during wakefulness. You can easily imagine a blurring there at a certain point…am I experiencing a simulated version of psychosis within the outermost layer of dream? πŸ˜‚

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