Dreams 8

A volcanic world,
Showing deep scars of past upheavals,
Rugged mountainous terrain, then a lava plain;

Why does our galaxy always seem to be filled with dead worlds?

Perhaps we’ll find out,
Ok, here we go,
Starting deorbit…

At least there’s no atmosphere, this time,
I’ll keep an eye out for any surface eruptions,

Thanks, and I’ll need you to help me scout a landing place,
Once we’re down to a few kilometres,


Acceleration slightly above nominal,
We’re coming in a little steeper,

Are we still ok?

Yes, should be, we have plenty in hand,
We’ve landed on much bigger worlds,


Delta is growing,
That’s strange…

I thought we had the gravity field mapped out,
There’s no reason that should change…

Change, no…,
That would require a large-scale redistribution of internal mass,
And there’s no evidence for recent cataclysmic activity,
Ok, stabilised now,
Slightly higher gee, but stable,
Let’s just keep an eye on it,



5km, 200 down,
Landing procedure…

Landing site looks fine,

Descent engines, go,
300 down, hollldd tiiight!

Still gggood…cclear…,

2,000, 150 down,
We can’t land hereβ€”,

There’s a good area off to the left…,

1,000, 50 down,

Still looks good!

500, 20 down

50 metres, coming down softly…

Nice landing!!

Engine shutdown.

Look at that view…
It reminds me of Mars, except it’s more orange,
And that sharp horizon…

The mountains are spectacular!

Besides the spot where we’ve tried to land,
The surface here is exceptionally smooth;
Gravitometer’s reading 23.8 Europa gs,
I still don’t understand why this planet is so massive given its size

It’s definitely a unique planet,
I kind of like itβ€”

Tilt angle alarm,
We’ve pitched by 2 degrees since landing…

Why? The ground seems stable,

Look at the seismogramβ€”
Several readings above 5 over the last 2 minutes,
Tilting now at 3 degrees

I felt that!
I can feel the vibrations…what’s going on?

Seismology showing 6…
We’re tilting further,
Abort! Engines on,

Oh, no…no…look…!
Let’s go, let’s go!
There’s…something thereβ€”

Emergency abort initiated,
This is going to hurt…

The ground…it’s coming up…
It’s all around us!!
Whatwhat is that!!?


We’re not going to make it,
It’s…it’s reaching up!!
It’s got eyes!

Holdd onn!


It’s just a scented candle, Grandad.


4 thoughts on “Dreams 8

    1. Thanks!! Really glad you enjoyed it and felt the tension πŸ˜„


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