We didn’t need to find it,
We didn’t need to see it,
We didn’t need to scientifically prove it,
To those of us who knew it,

Who felt it in the poetry of the planets,
In the stars,
The galaxy,
Its undoubted inevitability,

A perfect variety of worlds,
Of sizes,

Why else would you need diverse rocky planets spread across the inner system,
And gaseous ones filling the outer?

Icy worlds, orbiting giants,
Some heated to extremes, exploding with vulcanology,
Others, gently bathing,
Their oceans beneath

Interplanetary missionaries on hyperbolic orbits,
Crossing the span of the system entire,
Sprinkling the ripened seeds,
Of cross-fertilising worlds,

A dynamic system which couldn’t stop re-inventing itself,
Across the epochs,
Giving rise to new conditions,

Whatever you could imagine, almost,
It was there,
It would happen,
A perfect, fertile stage,
Just waiting for that spark.

Photo by Greysen Johnson on Unsplash


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