F**k Off, Bones!

As he unearthed from the dirt, bones of a human skeleton,
While crouched under the trees in the middle of the night,

He questioned himself,
What had he done!?

Now this terrible dilemma,
To confess or to cover upβ€”

The first would mean admitting to trespassing,
In the garden of a house he should not have been,

The second, replace the dirt,
Doing your best to leave it ‘undisturbed’,
It carries its own riskβ€”
For what if this whole shambles was discovered now?

My fibers are everywhere,
There’d be no backing out,
Good luck to you… in explaining that!

I chose the second option,
I walked away,
(Innocent as I was after all),

‘All’ I’d done wrong was going there uninvited,
But of murder, concealment,
That was nothing to do with me;
Wrong place, wrong time,
I’d freely admit to that;

But still, it left me dirty,
Would not leave my mind,
Who had this person been?
How had they ended up there?
What was going on??

Forever I felt tarnished,
I’d witnessed something nasty,
I should have, could have honoured them,
Forgone my own pride,

This poor person, they’d had no chance,
Whatever had happened to them they had not deserved,
And their storyβ€” because of me,
Was being left untold.

Photo by Janusz Maniak on Unsplash

This was actually a dream I had a couple of months ago, and it stuck in my mind because it was so emotionally-intensive! πŸ˜†

My dreams often expose me to distinct emotions that I’d never experience in real life (I hope!)β€” yet they feel utterly vivid and appropriate for these imaginary situations. The mixture of unease and guilt I felt in the dream was so distinct, and left me feeling a little disturbed when I woke up later! Just a little.


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