Life In The Horror Show

And there I satAt my wit's endAfter seven months of struggleAnd inexplicable experiences I logged back onto facebookAs my final actMade it plainJust how little of life I cared; There, I glimpsedAmongst it allAfter everything I had experiencedHaving lived on the edge for so longFacing death so many times, alone The faces of those whom … Continue reading Life In The Horror Show

Dumbing Down

My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,I'm dumbing down,I'm losing braincells, My brain is dumb,I'm dumbing down,Turn a wide-open day,Into hours of anxiety and OCD; All of that potential for feeling good,To work towards goals,"Tomorrow's a new day",Until it isn't, And there's no way to reason out of it,Since it's all for nothing,It's all just the … Continue reading Dumbing Down

Post-Trauma Patience

When living post-trauma,And especially whilst still in a stressful environmentJust doing things, even simple things, can be incredibly difficult; You plan to do things…Then find yourself hours later, finding the energy to get up to do it,Wondering why or how you haven't done it yet,And what you even did do instead; But the truth is, … Continue reading Post-Trauma Patience

A Crying Shame

I'm taking a riskβ€”The floor could absolutely quake at any moment,My entire world would shake,Through the seat I'm sitting on,Through my feet on the floor,Through the solid desk my hands and arms are resting on,The computer screen I'm looking at could sway back and forth,The microphone arm could shake,My plants could quiver as the shock … Continue reading A Crying Shame

Extra Extraneous Errands!

Here is the next installment ofRobin's Weird Errands,Joyless Jacked-up Jaunts,Soul-sucking Supplementary Shit-shows; For a mini-DIY project I'd been planning for a while,I went to the DIY shop, but the piece of wood I wanted was out of stock,I came back, went on-line,And noticed it was available for click-and-collect; Hmm, ok! Let's try that,Maybe they have … Continue reading Extra Extraneous Errands!

Haunted By A Nightmare

Still alive, still alive,For now,Caring for myself in the most basic of ways,Surviving the emotional pain and getting through this moment only; It is not a time for too much reflection on the past,Not in the present circumstancesβ€”A certain degree of emotional safety is required, before delving into that; Oh, the feeling of bottomless abyss … Continue reading Haunted By A Nightmare

Things Which I’m Proud Of

Things which I can be proud ofβ€” I've found adaptations to minimise the constant stress of external noise from the city-centre street which I live on, so that I mostly don't notice it.I've survived the zombie housemate.I've carved out this bubble of peace in my room by using some creativity and ingenuity, being able to … Continue reading Things Which I’m Proud Of