It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Come back to it,

Come back to the peaceful life,
And shed all of these internal stresses;

Dealing each day with the sources of stress,
Communicating it all to the council officer,
Repetition, repetition, repitition,

Repeating it all again to a friend,
Repeating it all to the council officer again,

Trying to maintain in their awareness,
The long list of external stresses,

Yes, for two days one was cleaner,
But they reverted,
And that’s another week to set the record straight again;

Yes, even if they all cleaned up after themselves reasonably,
Then they’re still not doing any communal cleaning,
Not managing any of those things which need doing,
Which all falls to me, obviously;

And even if we get on top of the situation, as it stands now,
Then the messiest housemate will still return from Portugal,

And all of that is on top of my endless mental health struggles,
Which I was working on anyway;

The sources of stress from housemates, boil down to essentially:

And the arrogance of people is such a pressure on me,
When you have to live with them or to work with them,
It creates in me so much anxiety,
And it stems from irrationality,

And I’d love to keep writing my dreamy poetry,
Fanciful stories and exploring the universe,
And one day, I will, I’ll be free to keep writing,
Instead of digesting these unnecessary pressures;

And I’ll look back, and this poem will be here,
And I’ll sayβ€” look, I fucking told you I’d get there,
I fucking did πŸ™‚,
And I’ll be fucking 33 or 34,
But this is a game of fucking survival.


4 thoughts on “It All Continues To Weigh On Me

    1. Thanks! I’ve been getting back into meditating actually! I’ll check out that doc too.

      Hahaha, indeed!


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