House Inspection

You’ve got to read it as a rap.

Interrupted from my meditation,
Knock at the door, followed by ‘ahem’,

Man from the council is standing there,
May I come in, for a house inspection?

Kitchen, bathroom and living room too,
All looking good from an official view,

You have clean housemates so well done all,
Actually it’s me, they’ve dropped the ball,

May I see your room whilst I’m here?
Why of course you’ll find everything’s in order,

Do you have your own copy of the housing contract?
Yes of course I do, just wait while get it,

It’s just right here and I open the closetβ€”

Out come tumbling an assortment of bones,
A tibia and clavicle followed by a femur,

Vertebrae, fingers and a mixture of teeth,
Oh hang on a minute, there’s actually three radiaβ€”

Oh, shit;

That’s some collection of bones, what’s going on here?
Well if I told you that then I’d have to kill you,

Fair enough, then, we are finished here,
Thank you, sir, all is good see you later πŸ™‚.

Photo de IvΓ‘n Rivero provenant de Pexels


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    1. Your comments today are really boosting me :D. I’ll let you continue! 😁


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