Knock Knock Knock…

It happened, againβ€”I was there in my room,When I was suddenly disturbed,By a knocking sound on the window, knock knock knock……knock knock knock…… And I thought to myselfβ€”Perhaps if I ignore it for long enough, it'll disappear,So I put on my ear defenders over my earphones,And waited a while… After around 30 minutes,I took the … Continue reading Knock Knock Knock…

No Way JosΓ©

There it is again…A knock-knock-knocking,At the window in the night,A shadow through the curtain,In the fading twilight… Ear plugs removed, for just a brief moment,Headphones displaced,…Then lo and behold,I perceived this new torment; Alas,This is no sleep paralysis demon,No monster of the night,No serial killer stalking the neighbourhood, But a demented housemate locked out once … Continue reading No Way JosΓ©

It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Ahhh,Come back to it, Come back to the peaceful life,And shed all of these internal stresses; Dealing each day with the sources of stress,Communicating it all to the council officer,Repetition, repetition, repitition, Repeating it all again to a friend,Repeating it all to the council officer again, Trying to maintain in their awareness,The long list of … Continue reading It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Dreams 3

Throw them all into a black hole,The lot of them,And observe their spaghettification; Spaghettification is an astrophysical term,To describe the tidal stretching,Of an object experiencing a steep gravitational gradient; Throw them all in,They'll be stretched into spaghetti, Moreover, this will take a nice while,From our perspective, fortunately, As this gory vision,And their screams of pain,Will … Continue reading Dreams 3

The Condemned

Wow,OK, Barely 4 hours after we began lockdown,Enforced by police, My endlessly-arrogant housemate,Now has his girlfriend around; I questioned him earlier,For having his friend around,He dared to defend himself,And I actually gave him another chance; My front door has never been busier,Since beginning lockdown,Their arrogance is startling,Truly terrifying; Now I have no choice,But to phone … Continue reading The Condemned

Tough To Stomach

How to deal,With the fact of,Two housemates so blatantly going against all advice,Going in and out, in and out to friends and with friends, And even before this situation,They'd be so absorbed in their phones,Even whilst walking right past you,Not even acknowledging you, As if proud of their profound detachment; It's scary,Creepy; And I can … Continue reading Tough To Stomach