Ding Dong

The infestation of housemates is being rooted out,All with an eviction deadline of 4th October, The stampiest housemate (replacement zombie) and partner are gone,At last,Carrying out chests in the middle of the night… The second most stampy housemate (and the most arrogant and toxic),Has also left two weekends before,Just one remains (the one above me),Only … Continue reading Ding Dong

Environmental Changes

Two stampy housemates down,Including the one from the room aboveβ€”No more creaking floorboards (for now),From the movements of replacement zombie; Replacement zombie??Yes, the zombie housemate about which I'd complained for so long,Who stumbled around full of alcohol, at all times,Barely alive and dropping food and drinks all over the place,They actually moved out around last … Continue reading Environmental Changes

The Survival Game 10x

As I enter this new period of stress and trauma,I'm going to try not to re-learn all of the intense dissociative and OCD habits, Since after each prolonged period of environmental stress I've been left with so many of these,Which leave me in a middle-ground state of mild stress or numbness,Whilst trying to do anything … Continue reading The Survival Game 10x

Monsters Out Of Sight

Anxious thoughts,Anxious thoughts,Obsessive irritability andBody tics, Anxious thoughts,Anxious thoughts,Courageously getting out of it;I'll play a computer game,Then I'll go outside,But the relentless floorboard creaking today,Has finally got to me,It's making me jump,I can't tell what's 'real' and not,Because I'm creeping my way around,Black Mesa Research Facility,I actually want to be on high alert,But then the … Continue reading Monsters Out Of Sight

A Deathly Rush Of Noise

The death bell has fucking tolled for you,Satan's breath itself rushes down your street, Exploding your bones from the inside out,Your heart is his and your soul is no longer, Ripped out,And torn asunder ha ha! That's the ultimate price you pay, you fucker,For not putting the earplugs in and headphones on earlier. USGS photo … Continue reading A Deathly Rush Of Noise

It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Ahhh,Come back to it, Come back to the peaceful life,And shed all of these internal stresses; Dealing each day with the sources of stress,Communicating it all to the council officer,Repetition, repetition, repitition, Repeating it all again to a friend,Repeating it all to the council officer again, Trying to maintain in their awareness,The long list of … Continue reading It All Continues To Weigh On Me

Regaining Some Control

It just hit me, this evening,That my ears are clear, So therefore, I can,Use earplugs again! Furthermore,They work better this way,β€”The sound-proofing,Is amazingly severe! My level of hearing, the last few days,Has been terrible to bear,Like I don't even remember, I'd actually started resorting,To voluntary self-isolating, But putting the earplugs in,Brought such a relief! πŸ’™ … Continue reading Regaining Some Control

Rocking The Boat

The marathon has only just begun,Despite how far I've already come, I am far from ok,And not working is OK,Not working is working,β€”For me, relatively speaking, I deserve a break,I've been fighting these things my whole life, Fighting for sleep,Fighting for being able to relax at night,Fighting to feel secure, to avoid loud sounds, Fuck … Continue reading Rocking The Boat


I bought an ear-syringe,β€”My ears have been blocked for years... It's a slow process,Getting them cleared, β€”But my god,My bad ear,Which I've partially cleared... Those cars going pastβ€” that I've been complaining about?Getting angry at? They've been replaced by dragons,This world is terrifying; The point of clearing them (because with misophonia I need a damned … Continue reading Deafening…