Knock Knock Knock…

It happened, againβ€”
I was there in my room,
When I was suddenly disturbed,
By a knocking sound on the window,

knock knock knock…
knock knock knock…

And I thought to myselfβ€”
Perhaps if I ignore it for long enough, it’ll disappear,
So I put on my ear defenders over my earphones,
And waited a while…

After around 30 minutes,
I took the ear defenders off, just to checkβ€”
Is the knocking still going?
And immediately I knew my answerβ€”
Yes, it is, of course it is…

knock knock knock…
knock knock knock…

Completely regular,
Never varying in volume nor interval,
Throughout the entire time!

I put the ear defenders back on,
Continued with what I was doing,
Then after another 10 minutes or so,
I had cause to go to the bathroom;

I was gone around 10 minutes,
And when I walked back,
As I walked down the hallway…
A shadowy figure moved up to the front door,

Proceed to room,


And as I glanced upwards,
There I saw my curtains were parted,
Revealing the darkness beyond,

I double-took,
Walked over to the open window…

And through my window, there appeared…

The arrogant housemate who’s locked himself out about ten fucking times since January!

Three things are incredible about thisβ€”

  • His lack of implementing any systems to prevent him from locking himself out, even after all these times and even after the time when he broke down his bedroom door (it therefore still has no lock which only makes it easier for him to leave without keys).
  • His persistence in knocking on my window and the exact, ominous precision of it.
  • His arrogance.

The fact that ‘arrogance’ is only third in this list is also astonishing to me.


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