Badged In Dishonour

SUVs and Land Rovers in blackAre always the most aggressiveTwats Accelerating towards you for no reason at allImparting all that momentum to their precious tons of metal They expect you to move out of the way by defaultIn situations where you have right of wayAnd when you don't, you hold your lineThey're forced to dart … Continue reading Badged In Dishonour

I Will Tell You What You Are

You're too middle classYou've been to universityYou don't look or sound like someone in need You're a dodgy benefits scroungerYou're not even employedYou'll trash the place before I can say 'cunt' Society is perceived to be made up of rigid caricaturesAnd you're expected to fit into exactly one of them at any given timeRegardless of … Continue reading I Will Tell You What You Are

Not The Right Type Of Vulnerable

Are you suffering physical abuse?No Are you suffering sexual abuse?No Do you have problems with drugs or addiction?No Then I'm afraid we can't help you. The fuck? PTSD,Emotional abuse,Invisible physical disabilities,Suicidal thoughts,Self-harm,Autism,OCD, All examples of things which don't make you the right type of vulnerable. It's ok, though,Because there are private rented accommodations,However being in … Continue reading Not The Right Type Of Vulnerable

Hell In OCD

I've had a particular OCD compulsion which has been consuming me all year,Taking up several hours or more of each day,It's so incredibly intrusive and pernicious,To do with readiness, not being agitated by a physical discomfort, I repeat the compulsion which solves an imaginary problem, The point is that more than any other compulsion it's … Continue reading Hell In OCD

Closing In Again

I feel the wallsclosing inagainHuman stampedesup and downthe hallwayDisrupting me fromthe final outletThe endless universeof writing and creativityThe laststrandof proactive hopeSaving me, fromthe abyssal void of empty days without a planFor this activeproactiverestless mindThat is the truest hellThere is nothing l o n g e rthane m p t y timeWith no beginningand no e … Continue reading Closing In Again

A Frustrating Week

Difficult week,Obsessed with end-of-the-world scenarios, Don't get me wrong,I've always been interested in those, But after collecting together all supporting letters in support of me having my own place,Ticking off all the items on the checklist the council person gave to me, I heard…nothing,Then…nothing,Until the person from the Salvation Army who liaises with both,Said to … Continue reading A Frustrating Week

Up On The Gallows: PART 2

Could you guys make room for a third up there?That's it…shuffle along! (Can I just grab an extra stool, please? Thanks),Just plop yourself on there…that's it; Rightβ€” any last words!?Landlord, you first… I…I…n-n-need to m-m-make a phone call! And who would you like to call? The c-c-council! Ok…it's ringing and on speaker… He's growing weed! … Continue reading Up On The Gallows: PART 2