Open Return

Rumination’s creeping back in,
β€”There we go,
If I want a metaphor for the bones-in-back-garden story,
That’s the thing which I have in the closet,
In the bulky sports bag stashed under the bed,

And I guess the emotions are quite similarβ€”
This gnawing feeling,
Twang of dread reigning back any positive emotions,
Replacing them with guilt and shame;

I just have to get back on the recovery train,
And that’s the great thing about having memories of progress,
β€”I know what it takes,
I know which thoughts are truth,

So I’ll be OK,
I’ve an open return ticket!

Ticket inspectors on the gates of hell be dammed,
I’ve a valid ticket for the journey back to land!


3 thoughts on “Open Return

    1. Thank you Anna! I was able to get over it after writing that, actually :). It really is. When I think back to how bad it was earlier in the year, it really has improved a lot, which is great and something I couldn’t imagine.

      Starting to experience it badly again was like an old friend returning xD, to be clichΓ©d, but it was like that. Reminding myself of the improvements was helpful.

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