Bricking It

I secretly love it when a big technology company,
Accidentally ‘bricks’ everyone’s machines (even when I’m a victim!);

The big upgrade, announced with great fanfare,
Is unbeknownst (yet) to you,
Entirely premature…!

‘Making the world a better place’,
One OS update at a time!
We’re going up a whole major version number, boys!
Who’s buying?

The very next day…
All of that sleazy corporate chutzpah has beautifully backfired,
Egg’s very much all over their faces,
As users sit and stare darkly through blackened screens,
At their reflected expressions of regret πŸ˜…;

The trick is always the same, you seeβ€”
Don’t fall for the hype!
Never, ever install upgrades within the first few months,
Unless you are some kind of super-user and actively enjoy pain 🀣;

And never trust a technology CEO!


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