Parliament Leaks

Lots of drips on the back-benchesDissolve parliament! Damp members laying on the sob storyWet blankets piled on the floor Something in Parliament is rottenThe roof is caving inTrickle-down economics just isn't workingEven the chamber is crying Tory showerTaking the pissDeckchairs on the titanicSinking shipRatsRatsRats The drip, drip, drip of Cuntservative mis-management has officially became a … Continue reading Parliament Leaks

Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

All the Universe is a rebellion against the second lawTime and space a changing relationship between information and energy; The beauty in life is in its subjectivityFlowing forwards not just from physical lawsBut from current circumstanceAnd future happenstanceIt enriches history and experienceFossils are as fossils areBecause the past is woven with momentous events The art … Continue reading Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

Life’s Issuance

And then he just…Popped clean out the other sideThe universe, taken in full stride; Turning dead-end voids into tunnelsClosed geometries opened and simplifiedRocky worlds to vibrant biospheresRecycling old starsFinding light in the darkHe takes his timeHas all of it in the worldThere's a right timeFor the ice meltDeep convective heat flow Shifting of the landscapesSeeding … Continue reading Life’s Issuance

Into The Meat-Grinder

Examples of meat-grindersCan be readily foundIn modern-day societyAnd as always, my advice isTo avoid themAt all costsAnd even though that choice could be seen as a luxuryI have no intention of compromising that principleAt any cost; The most important thing in lifeHas always been living by your valuesValues before personal wealth and circumstance;Some may see … Continue reading Into The Meat-Grinder

Dreams 10

We left humanity behind and opened up the galaxy,Sampled star system after star system,Worlds, moons,Aerial ecosystems and archaic oceans, But all we found were shared ancestries,A single common origin,Rooted so deeply in time that we could only wonder, Wonder about questions whose answers could only be found by reaching still further,Into the depths of that … Continue reading Dreams 10

Cosmic Freedom From Mundanity

I want to soar amongst the stars and the planets and the moons,Envisioning possibilities of the Universe, exotic wonders of reality,I want to gaze backwards and forwards through time at will,Dwelling on the providence of life and the Universe and why it's all there; Then I am brought crashing back down to Earth as I … Continue reading Cosmic Freedom From Mundanity

My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

I'm trying to remember to avoid writing essays in peoples' comments sections and turn them into posts instead :). This post is just my personal philosophy and own conclusions to such philosophical questions. If we really take it to heart that anything can happen at any timeβ€”and this is true, no one can deny thisβ€”why … Continue reading My Answer To A Philosophical Question Of Existence

Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

Since becoming inspired by Planterina on youtube I've had the goal of eventually being surrounded by an indoor jungle, because why not? All it takes is the right plants to start with, enough of them and time (not your time, but free time from the universe)! So far my jungle's been more of a vertical … Continue reading Fort Plante Indoor Mini-Jungle πŸŒ΄

A Frustrating Week

Difficult week,Obsessed with end-of-the-world scenarios, Don't get me wrong,I've always been interested in those, But after collecting together all supporting letters in support of me having my own place,Ticking off all the items on the checklist the council person gave to me, I heard…nothing,Then…nothing,Until the person from the Salvation Army who liaises with both,Said to … Continue reading A Frustrating Week