Always There, Always Dank

The medication is working well again, today,
It’s been ineffective for the past several days,
So I was finding it easier to get going,
After writing my last poem;

I went to the shop, wanted to move swiftly on,
Went out of my room to have a showerβ€”
Zombie is in the kitchen,
On the phone, making noise,
No way I’m going to listen to that and have the zombie uppermost in my mind, the whole time!

Came back, ate some food,
Then I’d seen that the coast was clear,
I just had to resist the rumination,

I went back out,
The zombie was there, again!
No, no no…
I’m itchy and sweaty,
I just need the shower,

Finally, it left,
So I went to the bathroom,
β€”But it stank of stale cigarette smoke!
So I sprayed the air freshener,
And now here I am, back again,
Waiting for all the smell to disperse!


Damn, the barriers to living a normal life,
Or trying to relax.

I am strong.


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