ADHD, OCD And Autism

ADHD, OCD and autism,
Go to see a psychiatrist…

I’m feeling very satisfied with myself,
The psychiatrist has just diagnosed me with OCD too,
(At no extra cost),
Which means that all three diagnoses have now been backed up,
By psychiatrists,

Now, whenever anybody asks me,
“But have you been diagnosheshsehdhdedd with OCD or autism?”,
I can sayβ€”
Yes, fucker!

I really should become a psychiatrist πŸ€”.

And now, finally, I have real hope of getting out of here!

Let the bodies hit the floor,
Let the bodies hit the floor…


8 thoughts on “ADHD, OCD And Autism

  1. Yes fucker! Great response!Do you have any specific compulsions? I obsess about numbers and tap my fingers! I also am crazy organized and a clean freak. Everything has to be just so. Constantly fluffing pillows and straightening photos…it’s exhausting at times. Drives my kids crazy 😜 they will purposefully move stuff around thinking I won’t notice! To them I say πŸ–•πŸΌ

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    1. Haha! Thanks.

      It’s mostly just repeating everything I do, and I mean everythingβ€” typing, reading, even breathing last year at its worst, thinking, putting stuff down, picking stuff up.

      I have had some numerical aspect to it at timesβ€” things needing to be done 1, 3 or 5 times for example. (I would do some mental ‘reset’ to restart the count, usually saying some phrase to myself). But mostly number doesn’t matter, it’s just until things feel ‘right’ and I’m able to move on somehow.

      I can definitely see different kinds of OCD going on. For me it’s never anything but incredibly stressful so I get exhausted from it multiple times a day. It’s not something I could ever live with. It’s stressful because losing time on it stops me from doing other things, and because it’s pointless.

      But it was funny because I read your comment immediately after spending too long making my bed, trying to straighten the duvet out, evenly squared with the mattress, not overhanging too much, and without too many creases… πŸ˜†πŸ˜…. But I’m conscious of that every day and reducing it. Sometimes if I forget to notice I’m doing it, and I spend ages doing it, I just rebelliously mess a corner up and turn my back on it. Exposure therapy πŸ™‚

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  2. Holly shit!! I just finished straightening my duvet and making sure it hung evenly and not to much or to little but just so! how about your sheets??? Can they go on inside out or upside down?

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