Emotional Intuition And Sensitivity

I want to do what I can
To help people in abuse situations
And raise awareness
Of the signs

Because the most important signs are so obvious to some people
And not to others;
We need to do all we can
To get everybody on the same page;

There’s nothing that hurts me more…
Than seeing somebody else in that kind of distress,

It is just so, so difficult and unbearable.

This was really the origin of the thought that I felt alienated (emotionally) from men as opposed to women, because I honestly find it really hard to find views from guys who are/were able to recognise the signs of true distress or even abuse from the point of view of emotional intuition (as opposed to hindsight). It really sticks out for me, because I pick up on so much about people at this level. It’s like having an extra sense and not realising that not everybody has it. It’s a whole other language or dimension.

And though it wasn’t meant in all seriousness, I’m abandoning any light-hearted pretence of that thought because I’ll just be me (as usual) and try to be the change I want to see (if it’s possible), so to speak. And think about ways that we can find a common language.

(I wrote this after finally watching 2nd bodycam footage of Gabby Petito 😩. There’s so much to learn from that situation. And now I need to restore my faith in things, or something).


7 thoughts on “Emotional Intuition And Sensitivity

  1. I think you’ve described it perfectly–having an extra sense that not everyone has. I think it’s a little more common for women to be emotionally intuitive, but to be really in tune with others is a combination of a gift and experience, and I don’t think only one gender owns it. I think you happen to have that combo which enables you to be so intuitive. Not everyone with bad life experiences are able to process it that way, which is where the gift comes in.

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  2. “Don’t get me wrongβ€” physically I’m absolutely, undeniably male. But emotionally feel somewhere in-between.”

    This sentence of yours “stood me up” and caught me somehow by surprise. The only thing that really matters here is how much emotional education or emotional awareness people possess be it, men or women. I don’t care what people say, but without involvement and suffering, we don’t grow. When we lose things when we go through harsh times in our lives, and if we have a natural disposition of being a generally good person, our brain will expand, and empathy will be our best outfit to wear.

    Women who are self-centered and well emotionally educated don’t give a fuck about bad boys. In fact, we don’t feel attraction towards them. Instead, we do feel terror around them because they have something which smells like faking.
    On the other hand, what I have seen in these last ten years is people dating wrong people over and over again. Traumatizing and re-traumatizing themselves. Sadly, it will leave a brain imprint that when the right person finally comes along, that person will be seen through the lens of fear and insecurities because of past experiences.

    It is exhausting to deal with such people and such situations. Firstly because your light won’t shine adequately, it will be diminished by comparisons or unnecessary conversations. And secondly, you don’t have any chance to show who you are or even commit ‘normal’ mistakes in your interaction because it will trigger them.

    I don’t buy stupid fashion quotes such as “oh, you have to be more in your feminine energy and let men claim you” or “oh, men these days are so into their’s feminine energy that they don’t pursue women anymore”. What a fuck are these people teaching all over the place?

    All wrong!

    What I see is people wearing clothes and acting like authentic clones. No authenticity. And yes, they are having less sex than past generations because although they look fantastic on Instagram or dating apps, interactions are virtual, not physical. We are feeding an entire society of intimacy phobics.

    I told you this before. I will repeat this. BE THE MAN YOU ARE AND FORGET THE REST! πŸ™‚

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  3. “Instead, we do feel terror around them because they have something which smells like faking.”

    Exactly. I’ve always had a natural aversion to people like this, since school, even primary school. Fakeness is soo obvious. And honesty even more obvious.

    “We are feeding an entire society of intimacy phobics.”

    I really feel this too. I hadn’t heard of those stupid fashionable quotes you mentioned but yeah they are weird 😐.

    I have actually always been only myself and can’t help it. I would never change myself just because I feel alien. I just feel like an odd one out because there is an obvious difference in average emotional sensitivity/intuition between men and women. It was really all I wanted to say. It’s not a problem because I’ll just make friends with more women (although that IS a problem once they’re in a relationship, which sucks). It’s just annoying. I wanted to say it without insulting anyone, by talking about myself rather than others. It’s a difficult/controversial thing to talk about but a real thing that I experience all the same. It’s an interesting subject actually as to what causes the gender difference, there is research into it but I haven’t looked too closely yet.

    As far as relationships go, well I do truly feel alien from women too on that point, lol. There are so few people who would be able to understand/appreciate me, I feel. Partly because I live outside of the capitalistic system for example. They DO exist but are extraordinarily rare πŸ˜‚.

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