Because We Said So

Ouawww mayyte, you over thereConspicuous individuals!Yes, you!Can we have your rape alarms?You are under arrestOn suspicion of potentially thinking aboutPossibly maybeAt some point in the future should circumstances conspireOf helping a target womenYes that's a plural when it should be singularOn a night outSo hit the deckPut your arms behind your backWe don't support your … Continue reading Because We Said So

Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

The landlord came round today, as they've done many times lately with housemate F moving out (they're always back and forth for a week after anybody leaves), and I happened to notice the camera notifications just after returning to my room and lying down on the bed. Firstly I was uneasy at just how close … Continue reading Could I Sue My Landlord? πŸ€”

Emotional Intuition And Sensitivity

I want to do what I canTo help people in abuse situationsAnd raise awarenessOf the signs Because the most important signs are so obvious to some peopleAnd not to others;We need to do all we canTo get everybody on the same page; There's nothing that hurts me more…Than seeing somebody else in that kind of … Continue reading Emotional Intuition And Sensitivity

An Expensive But Valuable Lesson On Security

Yesterday I learned an embarrassingly expensive but important and valuable lessonβ€” Changing your own door lock is incredibly simple. All you need to do is replace the cylindrical lock chamber, which requires only a screwdriver. They've been designed to be effortless to change which has the effect of enhancing your security, as I found out. … Continue reading An Expensive But Valuable Lesson On Security

A Paragraph Which Says A Lot

I followed up my email with this: A big difficulty I've known I would have with finding my own place is that I'm not going to be able to get a good reference from my current letting agent, given the irrational abuse and harassment they subjected me to, even physical assault, accusations of growing weed, … Continue reading A Paragraph Which Says A Lot

My New Housing Crisis

Turns out the council failed to share with me the conclusion to the Homelessness Prevention Assessment they did with me on the phone on 7th July. At the time in my weekly meetings with my Salvation Army Tenancy Support person, in response to questions about it, I mentioned that I hadn't heard anything back from … Continue reading My New Housing Crisis