Smartphone Man

In some several thousands of years from now…
A grave will be unearthed,
A time capsule into ages past re-opened,
The body of a prehistoric man revealed;

It will be shown that burial practices in the 21st century…
In some parts of the world,
Dictated that human corpses be buried in the phone position,

Stiffened limbs locked into place grasping the latest phone of the decedent,
The haunting expression drawn, cheeks sagging, eyes empty,
A moment frozen in time,
Revealing every bit of human emotion in death as in lifeβ€”
Phone face;

It will join the list of legendary human remains:
Piltdown man,
Smartphone man;

Only one of those is a hoax.


9 thoughts on “Smartphone Man

      1. Γ–tzi was a great… I became fond of him. Some things you won’t find written down are: in Italy we developed a very expensive room and Austria didn’t want to spend so much… the body would have been ruined until it crumbled; here in Italy it happens to go to a supermarket and find Γ–tzi tattooed on the cashier’s forearm πŸ˜‚

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