All Bathed In The Blue Lights Of Progress

The flashing blues are out in force againTangible signs of background tension Usually hidden from the eyes of the currently-healthyThe warning signs are thereTo those paying attention; So the grand experiment beginsHas in fact already begunNo restrictions, no mandated isolationNo masksNo personal responsibility The whims of the masses go with the flowWhen it suitsSo despite … Continue reading All Bathed In The Blue Lights Of Progress

Cookie Dough

The assembly line whirred past,As the chief architect watched on,Delighted at seeing his own designs coming to fruition;Legs,Arms,Torsos,Like an orchestra at work in a beautiful composition; "Over here is where neural imprinting takes place,The templated patterns of behaviour are encoded", The chief architect motioned towards an assembly line moving considerably faster than the othersβ€” "And … Continue reading Cookie Dough

Smartphone Man

In some several thousands of years from now…A grave will be unearthed,A time capsule into ages past re-opened,The body of a prehistoric man revealed; It will be shown that burial practices in the 21st century…In some parts of the world,Dictated that human corpses be buried in the phone position, Stiffened limbs locked into place grasping … Continue reading Smartphone Man

Between Realities

Nothing worse than watching someone,Excited,In the moment,Amidst some exciting happening, Then bamβ€”Down to the phone,Instantly switched,Unresponsive, Then back in the moment excited again!(Apparently or feigning it?)Seemingly present and aware once more! Back down to the phone,Zoned out,Emotionally, consciously to all intents and purposes,Dead, Bam back to the present,Back to phone,Present,Phone,Present,Phβ€”,Intervals between realities shortening,The moment has … Continue reading Between Realities

Choosing Freedom

I don't know how it can ever be worth it…Joining thousands and thousands of other people on the roads,All piling into one town, for some event like a festival,Sitting in frustration in all that heat and smog; A bizarre, highly stressful-looking behaviour!A true modern-day nightmare; And I am not part of it!I've opted out!The freedom … Continue reading Choosing Freedom

Slather Me Slavers, That’s Not Chocolate!

They can't get enough of it Slathering slavery shite all over their sad subservient gobs!! Slaver: β€œTo smear with saliva issuing from the mouth”Slather: β€œTo spread something thickly on something else; to coat well.” Drinking it up at the voting booths, Ten more years of shite, yes please, Slather, slather, slather,It'll help grow me potatoes, … Continue reading Slather Me Slavers, That’s Not Chocolate!

21st Century Monster

You're not quite human…UnlessYou've got a pair of white teardrops protruding from your lobes 🀣🀣🀣. πŸŒͺ