Meltdown 3

UltimatePower They said they didn't knowWith what World War Three would be foughtBut World War Four would be fought with sticks and stones How prescient, not to presume; Nuclear-war induced stalemateHad just about kept the peace between the largest nations and alliancesGiven us a twentieth-century golden age We survived thatOnly forA true singularity to come … Continue reading Meltdown 3

Dreams 9

As we begin to feel the light of other stars…We commemorate Grandad,By remembering what he taught usβ€”We look forwards, not behind; Grandad took us to Europa where we found an ocean world,Uninhabited, fertile,Free of the problems created by humankind,A planet-girdling ocean where we could create the kind of society we wished to swim in; Free … Continue reading Dreams 9

Bring Back Billy Backwater

Badmouthing, bragging,Bone-breaking, bullying,Backstabbing basketcases,Burly bandits, Broken backstreets,Bitter backgrounds,Barbershop bloodbaths,Brutal battlegrounds; Bungled burials, bleeding bodybags,Barking beagles, burrowing beetles, Bloated bodies becoming briny ballast,Butchered bagmen buried beneath Brier's Brow; Brass-balled brothers,Bison-boned bitches,Backhanded backsliders,Bespattered bathtubs! Bobby-Bribing,Bailiff-Buying,Biting,Braying,Butchering,Bastard!!! Bring back Billy Backwater. πŸŒͺ

Midnight Road Trip

Oh it's a beautiful night,A beautiful night,Oh it's a beautiful night,To be buried alive, alright! Oh it's a beautiful night… Anybody have any song suggestions?No??Come on, guys,At least sing along with me! Oh, well,There's not far to go now, anyways,And I know just the spot,Nice and secluded :); I bet you didn't imagine that you'd … Continue reading Midnight Road Trip

Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

Lockdown has become a way of life now,And we live in a totally-revamped culture,Replete with its own traditions,(We all agree not to kill each other on Christmas Day, for example); Society has reshaped itself,At great cost in lives,We can no longer support the prosperity,And the size of population which we once had; Even the currency … Continue reading Day 825 β€” Stay Alive

The Most Annoying Dad

Brace yourselves, kids,I've got bad news,β€”I think I may have coronavirus; 😨,Oh, no… Dad!How are you feeling? Not too bad at the moment,Don't worry,I'm going to confine myself to the study for the next three days,Just as a preliminary precaution;Now, I've done some calculations,And we should have enough supplies to last us for… 1,236 days. … Continue reading The Most Annoying Dad

Dreams 7

Triangle-tiled mosaics,Overlaid dusty brown plains, Edged with ancient golden shorelines,Tinged blue, shading to violet then to black, And as the terminator crossed the landmass,Those triangular structures,Shimmered pink in the setting sun of Arcturus; Classic signs of advanced intelligence,Yet, this time was different,For squares, rectangles and circles,Had ostensibly been done to death; Why do they use … Continue reading Dreams 7

Supernova Beach

A weird dream, two nights ago,β€”They're always weird,Depressing,Or epic,This was all three, Also, space-based,Another common theme; Finding myself on a long sandy beach,Looking out to sea,Next to me, arrayed close family,Watching a very strange sight indeed; Oh no,This cannot be real,This is all wrong,β€”The Sun should not be like that; It cannot be like that,What's … Continue reading Supernova Beach