What The Universe Taught Me

This is all just my personal philosophy and perspective :).

It’s necessary to maintain a delusion,
To get through life,

Simply doing the basics,
Is not satisfying enough,

Because we don’t do the true basics, any longer,
We don’t have to find and prepare our food,
We don’t have to plant seeds and harvest crops,
We don’t have to build our houses and keep them maintained,
We don’t even have to look after our friends or neighbours,
So we mostly don’t;

We live extraordinarily simple and easy lives,
To the point where to face reality to its full,
Would actually be quite bleak;

Humanity has found its delusion through religion,
And it has found it through capitalism,
(Also sports),
β€”A source of meaning, higher purpose,
And therefore motivation;

Without these structures to give us focus,
We are left to focus on the realities,
And the realities of nature,
Are actually quite scary;

Yes, they should be appreciated,
We should be aware, in the backs of our minds,
That our society and existence are not guaranteed,
Nor are they digital and separate from nature,

But to be too aware of the realities of life,
The absolute fickleness of our own bodies,
For me, at least,
Saps me of motivation;

Humanity has always needed meaning,
We need meaning on a day-to-day basis,
To get out of bed,

But the universe carries with it no inherent meaning at all,
Which, for me,
Is also what makes it, and our existence so beautiful;

The entire universe was an accident,
All of the stars and planets,
An incomprehensible number of galaxies, of everything.
The entire history of life on Earth was an accident,

Yet as beautiful as our place in the universe is,
It’s equally insignificant;

Creating our own meaning and structure is OK,
And has a long, long precedent.

We are extremely lucky if we have the privilege to have such a good chance of survival and good quality of life, in order to have the luxury of viewing nature as a beautiful, rather than dangerous, thing. Its danger is no surprise, but rather the wonder is that we are able to live purposeful lives in this context.


12 thoughts on “What The Universe Taught Me

    1. Thanks a lot!! Wow, praise indeed πŸ’™.

      That’s interesting that others feel similarly, so passionately!

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      1. I’m an extremely passionate person my friend. My gifts of extra sensory perception, being Itialian, Puerto Rican and Venezuelan make it 100% who I am❀ therefore I can easily recognize it in others when it comes to views on our world etc….I always enjoy your perspective Robin😊

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