Mobile Chicanes

And now I know why,
I get up at midnight,
For even when I can stand,
To be around housemates,

It’s when I go quickly in,
Into the kitchen,
To do a delicate thing,
Requiring concentration;

That’s when they all come swarming in,
Instantaneously and babblingly,
Boom, boom, babble babble,
Standing right in front of all of the cupboards,

Nah mate,
That’s just not worth it,
Do everything at night,
And I’ll be alright.

mobile chicane
(motor racing, derogatory) A driver or car considerably slower than the rest on the track, when perceived to repeatedly act as an obstruction to faster drivers or cars.

the use of deception or subterfuge to achieve one’s purpose.

Hairpin at Monaco
Image parΒ Hans BraxmeierΒ deΒ Pixabay


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