After self-inflicted pain and torment,
Is possible a rebirth,

It’s always possible,
To stop looking back and to move forwards,

And in doing so,
In truly moving onwards positively again,
You connect with your fundamental self,
Connect with your deep-seated, but hidden self-compassion,

It’s always possible,
And it’s always worth it,
And it’s just such a relief,
To leave that torment behind!

After pain comes rebirth,
With fresh purpose :).

The exquisite sharpness of this 2005 image from NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope has plucked out an underlying population of infant stars embedded in the nebula NGC 346 that are still forming from gravitationally collapsing gas clouds. They have not yet ignited their hydrogen fuel to sustain nuclear fusion. The smallest of these infant stars is only half the mass of our Sun.
“The exquisite sharpness of this 2005 image from NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope has plucked out an underlying population of infant stars embedded in the nebula NGC 346 that are still forming from gravitationally collapsing gas clouds. They have not yet ignited their hydrogen fuel to sustain nuclear fusion. The smallest of these infant stars is only half the mass of our Sun.”


49 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. Such a gorgeous piece Robin!
    Its simplicity and depth makes it so soft and relatable somehow. A beautiful poem to resonate with.
    Rebirth indeed is always possible and I love how you’ve mentioned how it connects us to our fundamentals.
    Loved it.

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    1. Thanks a lot Megha for the feedback! That’s really cool to know that you found it useful and enjoyed it! Your comment really made it all worth it and was the last thing which allowed me to move on πŸ™‚.

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    2. I didn’t actually think much of it, and as you say it was deliberately simple. In my mind was just a simple description of my thoughts, so it’s very rewarding to get such good encouragement! πŸ˜„

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  2. Yes it’s always possible and is necessary right now. Things that don’t work break for a reason. I believe that this is a necessary part of rejuvenation and a coming together anew. Everything will be different, more beautiful and better I believe. It’s a return to the basics. We are love and it is time we start loving ourselves and each other more. This is what I believe this Great Awakening is all about. Not a going back to but a moving on, forward momentum having learned and being better for it. It will take some pain but it’s all worth it in the end. Great post my friend πŸ™β€πŸ˜Š

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚. Yes it’s amazing what can happen sometimes as a result of things breaking.

      This poem was more immediately about my self-inflicted internal mental chaos, which results in anxious ruminating and perfectionism, but I was aware it might apply to other things too. I just re-read it with your perspective in mind and you’re right, it does fit the virus situation well!

      Thanks a lot!


      1. I can definitely see how the chatter and perfectionism plays into it. I too am a recovering perfectionist and have CPTSD. Healing is always continuous and cyclical. The more you go within, look at yourself the more you will connect with your soul. Your true nature and know that the programming we all go through, beliefs etc no longer serve. I had an awakening over the summer. Now everything has shifted. The more you change the way you look at things, the more things change.

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      2. Thanks a lot for the insight! I’m glad you managed to have your revelation and those improvements πŸ˜„.

        I certainly have some programming that I’m working to undoβ€” mostly dissociation techniques picked up through the trauma, which break that connection. Writing definitely helps, especially writing fiction actually!


      3. Ahhhhhh, I understand and can agree. I have a long history of dissociative episodes myself. This is the time to feel into all of it my friend. The only thing that is real is love and that starts with self. I know you will make it through because the light is within you, I can see it in your writing. Thankfully writing is a wonderful processing tool and gift😊
        I have found expressing my gratitude for what I do have has helped me connect deeper within myself.
        We all have the programming my friend, it’s the experiences that have shaped us and made us forget who we are are on the inside. Right now, in this quietness I am able to see more of my authentic self. It’s quite beautiful.
        Keep writing and unraveling my friend, remembering that light😊


  3. When I read this poem I just want to say Hurrah, Bravo, Marvelous and Remarkable!
    And this little poem comes to my mind ~

    Helpful Misfortunes ~

    I learn from all my
    In later days I see
    It’s often my
    that did the
    most for me.

    Love this poem, Robin
    Hurrah! πŸ™‚

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      1. Haha, Margie! Don’t worry, I never thought you meant your own poem πŸ˜„. That wasn’t why I hadn’t replied yet lol.

        Thanks a lot for the feedback and your poem! To be honest, these kind of self-inflicted anxious thoughts don’t benefit me at all, because it’s a repitition of something I’ve done hundreds of times. It’s all exacerbated by the environment I’m in, because it really demotivates me with getting up in the morning, and stresses me during the day. But the difficulty with getting over these periods of lying in bed or ruminating for hours, is letting it go given the fact there was absolutely nothing learned or gained from it! :).

        It’s just good that I can sometimes gain a poem from it, which might help somebody else. In this case, today, I was able to let it go, because something good came from it. But that’s not always the case. I need to keep forgiving myself for it though, until I finally have the conditions I need to stop it altogether, whilst not getting too frustrated at all the wasted time from my life :\.

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      2. That’s been the eternal challenge of the last 2 years. Not giving up despite all the purely-wasted time, largely caused by other people doing avoidable things which create stress.

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      3. So yeah, that just comes back to what you’re saying. It’s all one giant misfortune!

        Still, it has prepared me well for the coronavirus situation.

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      4. I don’t think that’s necessarily true, especially for countries with the resources and capability. It’s been in our imaginations for a long time, and we’ve had close calls and scares with swine flu and ebola. Eastern Asia had the SARS epidemic, and as a result they were more prepared and people take it more seriously. Swine flu killed around half a million people and infected 1.4 billion.

        We actually had real-life examples to learn from, and these things will only occur more frequently as population increases. Of course you need a capitalistic argument to get anything done thoughβ€” those countries that have handled covid well will be getting ahead economically!

        Hong Kong is actually still on less than 1,000 cases. That’s amazing! Hong Kong and London have about the same population, and London is now on 13,000 πŸ˜†.

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      5. Ah, ok πŸ˜†. Sorry for my essay!!

        No I agree with that πŸ™‚. πŸ’™

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      6. I understand Robin and I think it’s wonderful that you want to help others while you yourself have struggles!
        That is a sign of a true caring person!

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      7. The housemate I’m friendly with again just told me that the housemate who kept having friends/girlfriend around, is still having friends around and has one here right now 😨.

        She’s currently going into hospital all the time as her dad is dying, and her Mum is vulnerable so she’s taking all these precautions all the time. And our other housemate is still bringing friends in.

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      8. If I see them myself I’ll report him to the council and police again πŸ™‚.

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      9. Don’t worry, I’m definitely not holding back haha, that guy pissed me off with his arrogance when I asked him about it the one time. Just wary about using second-hand information in this example.

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      10. Haha! Just as you said that my computer screen shookβ€” that housemate went through the hallway! My other housemate said it sounds like he’s about to crash through the floor all the time.

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      11. God the way him and his friends talk is ridiculous. They’re right outside the window of my room at the moment, out the front of the house, having one of their usual conversations. It’s full of lots of really high-pitched, hoarse shrieking sounds. They honestly sound like a pack of monkeys, and they’re so loud! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. It’s a really dread-inducing sound!

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      12. It is!!! It fills me with dread and anger. I usually don’t hear it as I’ve been so consistently sound-insulated recently, but I was listening out to see if his friends were in the house.


      13. Yep!! That’s the crux of the problem, and why last Wednesday happened.

        There’s a lot of stresses hereβ€” the floorboard creaking, the road sounds, the housemates, the mess and having your cleaning undone immediately.

        As long as I am getting up when they are asleep, so I can start the day well and not be afraid to get up, and I keep on top of cleaning, the stress is reduced a lot.

        I finally just got my next Sertraline prescription, after a chemist sent me on a massive goose chase thing, last Saturday evening! They unncessarily advised me to phone the NHS for a 1 week emergency prescription. Now I have the whole months’ worth! But I had to go in late evening when it was quiet, so it messed up my sleep for this entire week! 😨.

        I’m staying up tonight though, and resetting it once again!

        The guy in the creaky floorboards room, who pisses everywhere and is creepy, has NOW GONE BACK TO PORTUGAL, for 2 months! It seems he left yesterday!

        I will actually clean the bathroom and kitchen again tonight. Things should be a bit better now, getting up at midnight was really working for me!! πŸ₯³

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      14. Robin, I am glad you got your prescription for the month but it’s too bad you had that good chase and now your sleep is messed up!
        I hope all goes well with the resetting.
        Yay! Mr Creepy has left the house! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


      15. It’s a shame that she doesn’t report anything, because she has all the same complaints as me. She’s just pretty meek about complaining though. At the moment it looks like only I have a problem with the housemates.

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      16. That is too bad!
        If it were me I would be speaking up!
        I used to be meek but now I defend myself and all people that that need my help to the utmost but I do it all in a gracious way!


    1. Thank you!! :D. It gave me hope too πŸ˜„.

      So glad if it could help other people πŸ™‚. πŸ’™

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