Mourning The Living

I stand out on the promontory,
Playing my violin,
Into the sombre, open spaces,
Of a long-silent world,

In the distance, stand tombstones,
Of vanquished economies,
And I wonder how long I’ll mourn,
Those old ways of living.

Darkened, greyscale photograph looking out over water towards the Seattle skyline.
Photo I took of Seattle skyline from a boat crossing to Bainbridge Island, in 2009.


29 thoughts on “Mourning The Living

      1. Thank you! I’ve got sooo many like this! So many I’m so happy with. On that trip I had so much time, and that was when I learned how to take good photos :). I took thousands!

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      2. I gladly will! 😁.

        Actually, funnily enough. This photo is of Seattle (as I’m sure you knew!) and in Seattle I met a girl from Denver in a hostel one night (the only night I stayed in a hostel!). And I showed her loads of my photos I’d taken up until to that point.

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      3. Yes, I recognized it. My son lives close to Seattle in Gig Harbor and we were in Seattle last summer. Oh funny you met a girl from Denver, Denver girls are pretty cool. πŸ™‚

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      4. I was!! Well, still am, but the places you can get to by wandering around…!

        I also wrote a diary every day of the trip, so for all the photos there’s a corresponding description of that day. It’s an amazing thing to have, especially considering I injured my knee 2 years after, so it’s the only trip of that kind I’ve done.

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      5. So many! Yes :D. I’m so glad I got to do even that trip, after knee problems in my teenage years. Never thought it would be possible. I shared part of a diary entry with another blogger the other day. I think I’m going to start sharing these stories!

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    1. I’ve got loads of atmospheric photos from such a wide range of places and sights, from a single trip I did in 2009! It just occurred to me that I can make use of them as illustrations.

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      1. It was an unbelievable year! I graduated with my degree, I went parachuting, I did army training, I climbed Mount Snowdon, I got a summer school teaching job at university, I did my 3 month coushsurfing trip in North America…! And on that trip alone I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite Park, went to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Seattle…more places! And all on such a small budget. I met so many amazing people through couchsurfing, too.

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