Gold-Standard Virtue

The gold standard,

Everything must grow,
Everything must expand,
More customers,
More views,
More money,
An inspirational success,

A gold-standard virtue,

It just is,
Bred deeply into the minds of everybody,
It just is,
A fundamental assumption,
It is,
Economic success,
Pure, unbridled,
Gold-standard virtue,
To be,
Forever growing,
Without stopping,
The runaway capitalistic train!


10 thoughts on “Gold-Standard Virtue

    1. Thank you!!

      Yes, and I was thinking also of people with youtube channels, or who run podcasts, who are always desperate for you to subscribe to them. I don’t see the logic behind asking somebody to follow youβ€” if they want to, they will! And it’s just so so irritating and repetitive! It’s like frothing at the mouth for growth in the name of capitalism and personal gain xD.

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