The Children Condemned

Oh dearOh dearWould you look at that?Your grades are not up to the markWoe betideI'm sorry, sonI just…wish you could've been like your sisterWe're going to have to refer you to the disciplinary board; The condemned assembled before us todayYou are lined up in order of gradesAnd we'll proceed from highest to lowestThis is in … Continue reading The Children Condemned

Badged In Dishonour

SUVs and Land Rovers in blackAre always the most aggressiveTwats Accelerating towards you for no reason at allImparting all that momentum to their precious tons of metal They expect you to move out of the way by defaultIn situations where you have right of wayAnd when you don't, you hold your lineThey're forced to dart … Continue reading Badged In Dishonour

Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing

Just a hypothetical, imagined scenario based on real-life pandering and apologising for sportswashing and ridiculous decisions… Is it ever possible to clearly define sportswashing? Which countries should be endorsed with sporting events and which not? You could probably discuss a lot of arguments on that but nevertheless I think this particular scenario clearly helps to … Continue reading Only A Small Exaggeration/Sportswashing

Argos Mate

Thank god for Argos,Great British institution,Who did not raise their price for weights during the pandemic,Whilst others, sticking strictly to the capitalistic line,Capitalised by hundreds of percents' worth through the increased pandemic-times demand; Of course, Argos were out of stock the whole time,But now they are not!! 😲And they have my service πŸ‘. Now I … Continue reading Argos Mate

Gold-Standard Virtue

The gold standard,Capitalism, Everything must grow,Everything must expand,More customers,More views,More money,An inspirational success, A gold-standard virtue, Unquestioned,It just is,Bred deeply into the minds of everybody,Unquestioned,It just is,A fundamental assumption,Unquestioned,It is,Economic success,Unquestioned,Unlimited,Unsustainable,Pure, unbridled,Gold-standard virtue,To be,Forever growing,Without stopping,The runaway capitalistic train! πŸŒͺ

How Much A Digit Be Worth?

Β£18 for four digits! You didn't fancy keeping your thumbs, then? What, no!You horrid bastard,I'm talking about numbers… Yo!What yo' gunna do when your (car) battery's kaput?Charge it up, innit,Ahβ€”But what yo' gunna do when your stereo's reset?And it's asking you for a sneaky little password?Here's what yo' gunna doβ€” Firstly, gunna turn the ignition … Continue reading How Much A Digit Be Worth?