Gold-Standard Virtue

The gold standard,Capitalism, Everything must grow,Everything must expand,More customers,More views,More money,An inspirational success, A gold-standard virtue, Unquestioned,It just is,Bred deeply into the minds of everybody,Unquestioned,It just is,A fundamental assumption,Unquestioned,It is,Economic success,Unquestioned,Unlimited,Unsustainable,Pure, unbridled,Gold-standard virtue,To be,Forever growing,Without stopping,The runaway capitalistic train! πŸŒͺ


I could have done this earlier... No, I couldn't,Because I wasn't motivated to;Why wasn't I motivated to do it earlier? Because I'm lacking in social contact,And because I'm tired,And because dissociative anxious body tics have made even the most basic things difficult and stressful, never mind the OCD stuff too,And because I've been really lacking … Continue reading Encouragement

Complementing Conscious Calm

Here's another fundamental truth, for me,And one which I now feel I can do something about, again, β€”An initial, immediate dopamine boost from exercise in the mornings,Or anything,Is crucial for me to avoid sinking into negative over-thinking! It really is,And was the reason behind exercising in the mornings for so long,Even for all of those … Continue reading Complementing Conscious Calm