Cracking The Code

It takes me years,
Decades, sometimes,
To finally learn the words to some (most) songs,

I can’t pick apart the words from the background,
So it takes dedicated sessions,
Sitting down and practising them;

It’s quite frustrating, because until then,
I can’t sing along to even my favourite songs,
I have to be content with making sounds which sound like words,
Or in the best case, the words which I think I’m hearing,
But even then I am always wildly off πŸ˜†;

Consequently, songs come to mean very different things to me,
And I’m drawn to them through their overall sound,
Rather than their intended meaning;

I get frustrated at myself often, because the moments when I want to sing such songs (also often),
Rarely coincide with the opportunities to learn the words,
And if I’m not reacting in the moment,
Then I’m certainly not remembering.


11 thoughts on “Cracking The Code

    1. I am putting it down to a combination of hearing problems (especially the fact that my hearing’s really omnidirectional) plus the common autistic/ADHD trait of finding it hard to separate out distinct sounds.


  1. I remember one of my favourite songs in high school was by Sarah McLachlan, and there was one line that sounded to me like “kiss your sword.” I knew that didn’t make any sense, but I was convinced that’s what I was hearing. I found out later that the actual words were “kiss you so hard,” and I wondered why my brain wasn’t able to make that leap in the first place.

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    1. That’s exactly the kind of mishearing I do! And yeah even when it makes no sense at all, the actual obvious thing never occurs to me. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ possibly an interesting psychological phenomenon!

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