Weird Eurovision Experience

Last night's Eurovision semi-final was the first Eurovision show I've watched in about 20 years. I've been listening to some of the entrants' songs through youtube for a month already, so I was familiar with the skills and production quality of the various artists, including many of their great live performances. I had to give … Continue reading Weird Eurovision Experience

My Eurovision Top 3 Lol

I've got into the Eurovision song contest this year. I always thought it was a great celebration of European (plus Australian) democracy and freedom of expression and creativity, and exposure to different cultures and languages. But the UK didn't take it seriously until recently which put me off. Not that I like this year's entry … Continue reading My Eurovision Top 3 Lol

I Miss It, I Need It

I want to play along with,The Civil Wars again,I want to play their music out,In an environment that,Does the music justice,Where the music can be heard,Engaged with,And,Fully experienced, I want to pick up my guitar again,And feel in the mood to,Fall in love again,It was the happiest I've been, I've really missed it. Once I … Continue reading I Miss It, I Need It

Cracking The Code

It takes me years,Decades, sometimes,To finally learn the words to some (most) songs, I can't pick apart the words from the background,So it takes dedicated sessions,Sitting down and practising them; It's quite frustrating, because until then,I can't sing along to even my favourite songs,I have to be content with making sounds which sound like words,Or … Continue reading Cracking The Code

The Music That Heals Me 2

Music was such a crucial pillar of support,Throughout last year,The time in the car,With the terrible loneliness,And all that had happened before, Reaching a point, every day,Of deciding whether to go forwards, or not,And finding some thing, in the moment,Which could be done; A few important songs,Appealed to me strongly then,And this one resonated so … Continue reading The Music That Heals Me 2

The Music That Heals Me

It's amazing what music can do,Sometimes; There was a period when music held no joy anymore,Those songs which I'd listened to, played and even sung,Practised every day,Without distraction or dissociation; What a heartbreak to have been so depressed,That not even music could help,In fact music would just remind me of how far I'd fallen; And … Continue reading The Music That Heals Me

Appreciation #6

I have no funny or interesting preface,For this one, today,I don't even know,How I wrote the others, previously! I appreciate my emotions,Which I feel for myself,And for others too,β€”Sometimes for good,And sometimes for bad 😈,No not really! But seriously,It feels like I conjure emotional landscapes,In my mind sometimes,In response to music,Whilst thinking of my hopes … Continue reading Appreciation #6