Dealing With Fear Of Gaslighting

I am so terrified of not being understood, and being blamed, when it comes to circumstances holding me back. Which at the moment are mainly my living environment and OCD, and how the living environment (including lack of daylight) makes dealing with and recovering from the OCD so much more difficult. I've been struggling for … Continue reading Dealing With Fear Of Gaslighting

Not Alone 😏

The history of autism is tragic,Full of many stories of struggle and misunderstanding,(At all levels), And many stories of struggling to get access to services,Diagnostic criteria expanded in order to make these services available to the people who needed them but were denied time and again by the rigid criteria and centralised bureaucracy of modern … Continue reading Not Alone 😏

Cracking The Code

It takes me years,Decades, sometimes,To finally learn the words to some (most) songs, I can't pick apart the words from the background,So it takes dedicated sessions,Sitting down and practising them; It's quite frustrating, because until then,I can't sing along to even my favourite songs,I have to be content with making sounds which sound like words,Or … Continue reading Cracking The Code

It’s Not All On Me

The cause of so many tragic scenarios in my life,β€”When a person pushes me, and pushes me, and pushes,And keeps pushing,Beyond which I can prevent a reaction to, To the point where even though I could prevent a reaction,By hanging up the phone, for example,They've pushed me to the point where I don't want to,Before … Continue reading It’s Not All On Me