New Telescope Curse Revisited (With Evidence)

Just so nobody’s in any doubt at allβ€”
The ‘new telescope curse’ is real,
(Extreme polaric weather variations triggered by buying and receiving something, with great anticipation, which allows you to finally do an outdoor activity,
For which good weather is required or which is vastly enhanced by good weather);

Spot the difference:

β€”The second screenshot was taken the day the final needed part for my scooter arrivedΒΉ from France,
And which allows me the freedom to get around outside again, finally;

After weeks and weeks of exceptionally-clear skies,
(This Spring has absolutely smashed the UK’s previous record for sunniest Spring,
Plus water companies are complaining about lack of water),
The very same day the deck chair or the disc brake arrived,
β€”And not a day earlier nor a day laterβ€”
The weather changed overnight from blue skies and constant sunshine to constant clouds, wind and even rain;

But, I finally have my scooter working again after 6 months!
It’s fully repaired and working like new,
I have my legs back.

ΒΉ I actually took it past midnight (i.e. on Thursday (Jeudi)), but the weather was the same when I woke up in the morning on Wednesday (Mercredi) to a tracking notification telling me the parcel was about to be delivered. The Jeudi on the right is the Jeudi 7 days down on the left.

Test ride was done at midnight in miserable conditionsβ€” dark, cold wind and rain. The crucial item was the shiny new red disc brake on the back.


11 thoughts on “New Telescope Curse Revisited (With Evidence)

    1. I used to have a lot of fun in French. As a class speaking exercise on the topic of family, I described myself as being called Uncle Phil, living in Bel Air and having a son named Carlton and a nephew called Will. Everyone was in tears lol and I could hardly speak for laughing 🀣. The teacher sometimes got a bit annoyed with me though and my lowest grade was in French.

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    1. Yes!! It’s a huge milestone. I’m so glad I started working on it 2 weeks ago :). Just hit me that I had to start, and be determined to find a solution for it :D. It’s really incredible how much more I could’ve done by having it fixed earlier, but I’m trying hard to refrain from those thoughts, lol. They paralysed me in the first place.

      Anyways, it’s working, and looking better than ever! :). I have some more ideas of tweaks I can do to it. I’m also riding it really slowly and carefully, determined to be more careful now than the first time. But I’ve tested its top speed again on a smooth road, and wow, I always forget just how damn powerful and fast it is! It feels unbelievable, and a lot faster than 15mph! Such a great tool for me :). Anti-mugging device in the middle of the night πŸ˜„.

      How are you doing Margie?


    1. Thanks, yes indeed! Lovely to have it available again :). And saved petrol costs. Turns out my car battery coincidentally needed replacing at the same time, which actually costs less than a replacement scooter battery… πŸ€”.

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