Confidently Incorrect

Confidently incorrectWhyAre youConfidently incorrect I'm telling youMy rent account is +Β£157Your own screenshot is telling me thisStop looking at my deposit accountAnd refund me from the rent account πŸ˜† Confidently incorrectHow do I deal with oneWho isConfidently incorrect You're just asserting the same thingOver and over againBut you're not doing the calculationsRe-evaluating your beliefs You … Continue reading Confidently Incorrect

Hell In OCD

I've had a particular OCD compulsion which has been consuming me all year,Taking up several hours or more of each day,It's so incredibly intrusive and pernicious,To do with readiness, not being agitated by a physical discomfort, I repeat the compulsion which solves an imaginary problem, The point is that more than any other compulsion it's … Continue reading Hell In OCD

Stay Of Execution

I was looking forward to having a relatively good weekend,I was on the up again for a few days,But the person from Salvation Army's been phoning spontaneously again,Rather than the pre-arranged calls I originally requested; And they asked me for the thousandth timeβ€”When is it you're 35 again?Because that's the milestone that makes me deserving … Continue reading Stay Of Execution

A Loose Screw

They say that free energy is impossible,THat perpetual motion machines cannot exist,That time-travel, although theorthetically-maybe-possible, backwards into the past,Would be practically impossible because of the need for a stable space-time wormhole, WELL, Never underestimate the ability of a loose screw,To undergo instantaneous translations across the fabric of two-dimensional space,To gain arbitrary amounts of momentum from … Continue reading A Loose Screw

Staring At His F***ing Phone

I just died inside,My heart exploded with frustration, Because I needed to sleep long again,I had to cook some food at an unusual time (mid-afternoon), But, I put my headphones and music on,And was determined to not let housemates bother me, But,You can block them out and ignore them,But you can't do anything about them … Continue reading Staring At His F***ing Phone

Tense And Jump

You can block out the sounds,But you can't block out the earthquakes, You can't unhear the sounds which you can feel in your chest,And you can't unfeel disturbances which shudder through your limbs, Damnit,Even though I tried,And got in a loopβ€” The hardest thing is to stop trying to perfect something,Interrupted by an outside disturbance,Whilst … Continue reading Tense And Jump