The Fortress At Skull’s Gap

They said that this fortress was impenetrable,
They implied that nothing could bring down its grand walls,
Built with multiple layers of redundancy,
And constructed in its minutest detail by the finest bricklayers and craftsmen,

“There is no danger that this fortress will be breached. The fortress is unbreachable and nothing but inconvenience will be suffered by its occupants.”

The sturdiest structure the world had ever known…
Was it bollocks;

Battering rams, trebuchets and steely-eyed dragons
(Their tails twitching in anticipation),
Lined up across the field,
Great, snaking lines of them,
Ready, waiting and blood-thirsty to demolish!

Groaning trebuchets launched,
And their heavy projectiles, hewn from the finest, densest rock,
Landed with overwhelming force,

Knock it down…
Smash it down!!!

Fierce teams of bulldozer men yelled chants as one,
Footsteps rumbled in parallel across the field,
As the well-trained teams rushed forward in matched steps,

Stone walls and ceilings crushed inwards as missiles from above tore through the structure,
Great doors splintered and buckled, folding inwards as determined men rushed through,
And dragons swooped in to provide covering fire to the rooftops,

Knock it down!
Smash it down!!
Burn it all into the ground!!

Even the Earth joined in,
Casting magnitude 8 and 9 earthquakes up through its mantle,
Epicentered beneath the foundations of those thick walls,

Smash it!
Destroy it!
Burn it!
Obliterate it!!!

The ego which had constructed such a brilliantly-opulent and well-defended fortress gasped in horror.


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