Endless Awe And Beauty

There will always be more ideas and emotional interpretations than I can ever write about,
There will always be an endless amount of fascination and beauty in the universe,
There will always be more you could learn from humanity’s existing collection of knowledge, in any single language, alone,
There will never be enough time to revel in and appreciate the magic of reality,
In which we actually get to exist and understand, as best we can,
Not just the details of everything there currently isβ€”
Galaxies, nebulae, star systems, planets, life forms,
But also their histories and the miraculous ways in which they formed,
All of it a reflection of the astounding beauty, simplicity yet intricacy of the physical laws,
Themselves shadows of the platonic, untouchable yet real mathematical world;

It can make me panic,
And here I’ve written hundreds of articles about the mad vagaries of my own, single mind πŸ˜…;
Yet that is also what brought me here;

But god am I determined to regain control of my life,
So that I can make more progress into trying to do it all justice!

Cassini spacecraft’s final view of Saturn. Credit: NASA


19 thoughts on “Endless Awe And Beauty

    1. Wow, incredible! Thanks so much Margie!! :D. I certainly wrote it very fervorously!


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      1. You are welcome Robin and I just knew that you worked with great fervor!
        It’s really one of your best poems!
        And I just know that you will regain control of your life, I am cheering you on, endlessly!!!

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      2. Thank you so much!! πŸ˜„
        Wow. Thanks and thanks!
        Your support really helps πŸ’™.

        I wrote another one just as fervently right after lol. I felt a lot better after writing both.

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      3. :D. That’s amazing, Margie :). There’s nobody who connects to all of this as much as you! πŸ’™

        I dunno where the night’s gone, lol. The sky’s already bright pink, It’s really strikingly pink this morning. Weird disconcerting feeling of an entire night disappearing! But it’s because I did quite a few different thingsβ€” replying to various messages, some thinking time behind those, some time to OCD repetitions, time spent trying to analyse it all :P.

        I’m so variable in how well I avoid rumination between days. I need to meditate again, I’ve let that slip again. And do press ups. But those are also things I’ve been trying to get around to today, it’s just that the basics of cooking and eating are taking an awful long time today!

        I just need to remember that this current period IS such a struggle, and to keep calming my reactions to things :).

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      4. Being truly in the moment is so wonderfully peaceful! And it can be practised all the time, not just in meditation :).

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  1. I once heard an astronomer say that math isn’t how the universe is ruled. He felt the human mind can’t truly comprehend concepts like infinity and nothingness so we try to codify with math to give it scale. He said the only true measure of the universe is time, but even that is too complex for most to truly understand because time is not actually a measurement of anything.

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    1. Welll, is infinity so special in that respect? We can logically understand infinity, we see and use it naturally through maths, but not intuitively or emotionally. But I’d say the same about things like the size of the Earth, or the distances between stars.

      For me the untouchability/incomprehensibility of infinity is of the same kind as that of a perfect sphereβ€” a platonic sphere represents infinity through being infinitely perfect. Both only make sense mathematically, and it’s through mathematics that we ‘interact’ with the concept of either.

      Both spheres and infinity only belong in the platonic world, so there’s no reason we should expect to be able to ‘comprehend’ either. Same with nothingness.

      For time, I don’t view it as any more or less fundamental than space. They are two aspects of space-time, where you can’t have time without space or space without time. Like electric and magnetic fields.

      It’s really really interesting to picture space-time from the point of view of a photonβ€” time is infinitely compressed so that it doesn’t exist, as is space in the direction of travel of the photon. So all that’s left is 2-dimensional space, where everything happens simultaneously and instantaneously, lol. So I guess that’s getting at what you mean about time not being a measure of anythingβ€” it’s a relative thing.


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