I Thought There Was A Body…

I thought there was a body in the room above me,Any day now…The juices will come on drippin' down, I thought there was a body in the room above me,The windows are open,Since early last June, I thought there was a body in the room above me,But then I heard tremendous banging and stomping,As the … Continue reading I Thought There Was A Body…

Unparalleled Universes

I've forgotten what it's like,To write about what I want to write about,To let my mind wander,And turn it into stories; But I'm getting hints of the feelings I had,Even if briefly,And I just know it…Will all come flooding back and more; There are whole universes of creation,Bursting at the seams,Untold histories and unseen wonders,Dying … Continue reading Unparalleled Universes

Indignified Individuals

There are certain situations,In which we cease to become people,And we become…Individuals! Those selfish individuals!Discordant individuals!!Those individuals who're struggling with their mental health!!Individual wankers!!The lot of them!!The great anonymous, homogeneous, isotropic,Amorphous multitude of them!! Put in our place,Centre-stage in a ghastly, sweltering hodgepodge mass ofβ€”Filthy,Little…Indi-vid-yoo-ahllss! βš°οΈβš°οΈβš°οΈπŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ•ΊπŸΏπŸ•ΊπŸΏ πŸŒͺ

Celebrity Leg Cross

It's a bit like misophonia,But certain observations in society annoy me,Due to their disturbing cross-pollinated consistency,In certain situations; The male celebrity leg cross,Is one example, Why must it correlate so strongly with being a celebrity?Being interviewed? The arbitrariness of it fascinates and frustrates me,But also due to my high levels of emotional empathy,It makes me … Continue reading Celebrity Leg Cross


I am overflowing with thoughts,Essays and essays of them,About anything and everything,Viewed from all kinds of angles; A lot of constructive and interesting thoughts,With occasional outlets for them, But I have no control over whenceΒΉ they flow!They are triggered in the moment,Especially through conversation; I have no hope of enumerating my thoughts,Or of what I … Continue reading Surplus

Endless Awe And Beauty

There will always be more ideas and emotional interpretations than I can ever write about,There will always be an endless amount of fascination and beauty in the universe,There will always be more you could learn from humanity's existing collection of knowledge, in any single language, alone,There will never be enough time to revel in and … Continue reading Endless Awe And Beauty

Noticing The Orion Nebula

Another school morning,Before Winter sun's dawning, Up in the night,Through the window, I can see,The constellation of Orion; Now this was interesting,Because Orion had by now acquired, for me,The fame of celebrity,Through months of exposure to astronomy magazines,And online stories of Orion's intricacies; One of the Southern constellations,We don't get a great view,But the early … Continue reading Noticing The Orion Nebula

Rejuvenation And Light

One of the greatest gifts that nature's given us,Is a wealth of abstract art; Now,I'm somebody who's terrible with metaphors,But even I can see the metaphors here... And what could be more symbolic and evocative,Than a glowing supernova remnantβ€” Darkness in destabilising tensions,And impending core implosion,Violence through the unleashing of energies,Expressive and destructive, Darkness in … Continue reading Rejuvenation And Light