Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

All the Universe is a rebellion against the second lawTime and space a changing relationship between information and energy; The beauty in life is in its subjectivityFlowing forwards not just from physical lawsBut from current circumstanceAnd future happenstanceIt enriches history and experienceFossils are as fossils areBecause the past is woven with momentous events The art … Continue reading Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

Life’s Issuance

And then he just…Popped clean out the other sideThe universe, taken in full stride; Turning dead-end voids into tunnelsClosed geometries opened and simplifiedRocky worlds to vibrant biospheresRecycling old starsFinding light in the darkHe takes his timeHas all of it in the worldThere's a right timeFor the ice meltDeep convective heat flow Shifting of the landscapesSeeding … Continue reading Life’s Issuance

Dreams 10

We left humanity behind and opened up the galaxy,Sampled star system after star system,Worlds, moons,Aerial ecosystems and archaic oceans, But all we found were shared ancestries,A single common origin,Rooted so deeply in time that we could only wonder, Wonder about questions whose answers could only be found by reaching still further,Into the depths of that … Continue reading Dreams 10

Instability Leads To Creation

In the beginning…Space-time, energy and matter all came into existence,Then rapidly expanded,Uniformly and in all directions simultaneously; Except, if it had been truly uniform then all forces would remain in perfect balance,All mass-energy would remain stable in one state forever,But it wasn't uniform,Because built into the most fundamental level of space-time was quantum uncertainty,So on … Continue reading Instability Leads To Creation

Bacteria Organics Water Life

Bacteria survive year on outside of International Space Station,Bacteria survive three years exposed to vacuum of space! …Yes, yes,We can see where this is heading! Bacteria survive ten years in space!Bacteria found surviving at Apollo landing site!! OMGWTFBiscuit Thousand-year-old bacteria found hibernating in space by Earth-orbiting chemistry lab!…Remember those interstellar clouds with absorption wavelengths conspicuously … Continue reading Bacteria Organics Water Life


We didn't need to find it,We didn't need to see it,We didn't need to scientifically prove it,To those of us who knew it, Who felt it in the poetry of the planets,In the stars,The galaxy,Its undoubted inevitability, A perfect variety of worlds,Of sizes,Compositions,Temperatures, Why else would you need diverse rocky planets spread across the inner … Continue reading Origins

Cosmological Bluster

Multi-dimensional being,Tell me,What does the Universe look like from without?What mountains of things we cannot imagine,Have you scaled?What worlds of topographies we cannot even picture,Have you explored?What obscure and exotic realms of physics have you come to understand? At which time point? Time point?? You can time-travel? I exist in multiple dimensions of time,Therefore I … Continue reading Cosmological Bluster

Endless Awe And Beauty

There will always be more ideas and emotional interpretations than I can ever write about,There will always be an endless amount of fascination and beauty in the universe,There will always be more you could learn from humanity's existing collection of knowledge, in any single language, alone,There will never be enough time to revel in and … Continue reading Endless Awe And Beauty