Opportunities For Replication

Replications, replications,Immune reactions,Airborne dispersion, Replications, replications,Unlimited supply,Of opportunities for replication; Environment,Genetic code,Gene expression,β€”All factors in determining how often little pieces of DNA are reproduced; The genes which just happen to give their parent organism a greater chance of reproducing,In the environment in which the organism finds itself,Are necessarily more likely to be reproduced in the … Continue reading Opportunities For Replication

Endless Awe And Beauty

There will always be more ideas and emotional interpretations than I can ever write about,There will always be an endless amount of fascination and beauty in the universe,There will always be more you could learn from humanity's existing collection of knowledge, in any single language, alone,There will never be enough time to revel in and … Continue reading Endless Awe And Beauty

What The Universe Taught Me

This is all just my personal philosophy and perspective :). It's necessary to maintain a delusion,To get through life, Simply doing the basics,Is not satisfying enough, Because we don't do the true basics, any longer,We don't have to find and prepare our food,We don't have to plant seeds and harvest crops,We don't have to build … Continue reading What The Universe Taught Me

Noticing The Orion Nebula

Another school morning,Before Winter sun's dawning, Up in the night,Through the window, I can see,The constellation of Orion; Now this was interesting,Because Orion had by now acquired, for me,The fame of celebrity,Through months of exposure to astronomy magazines,And online stories of Orion's intricacies; One of the Southern constellations,We don't get a great view,But the early … Continue reading Noticing The Orion Nebula

OCD Thresholds

OCD makes life really hard,And really comes and goes in waves,By context,Over weeks or days, I do sometimes have cleanliness OCD,Not that my communal standards are such,But in my own environments,It can become really troublesome; For where do you stop?This is the troubleβ€”It seems obvious to clean up that puddle,From when you spilled a drink, … Continue reading OCD Thresholds