It’s important to end on a positive note,
And to clean out my mental palette;

Isn’t that an error, a typo?

No, I just made that world up,
Conjured it from my imagination,
And built it with my raw hands,

Raw hands?
Don’t you mean bare hands?

My hands are raw from handling black holes,
β€”In my universe’s nascent state,
Things would tend to get hot to the touch;

You’re legendary,

We’re combining literary worlds now?


9 thoughts on “Sidetracked

    1. Whaaat! That’s amazing, thank you! Honestly it was just a throwaway thought haha, maybe I should start writing these down more often. I mean, this poem isn’t necessarily coherent or meaningful, just a random branching of my thoughts. It came from typing ‘world’ instead of ‘word’, which happens too often.

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    2. I also accidentally thought ‘raw hands’ instead of ‘bare hands’, then just ran with the thought.

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    1. Thanks Cassa! :D. I did like mental palette actually! I actually thought that was the correct spelling at first, but was happy when I checked and realised it could be poetic 😁.


      1. It makes no sense!! I don’t blame you Cassa. It fucking is, English is nasty! I am so glad I don’t have to learn it as a second language. Even the biological ‘palate’ is spelt with one ‘l’!


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