If you’re somebody who could possibly believe in,
Or share information about,
This 5G radio wave coronavirus conspiracy,

Then please click unfollow,


8 thoughts on “Banned

  1. The theory did point out the harmful effects of 5G which well documented in scholar papers (so does the 4G). The theory didn’t make the mark for me cos it didn’t explain the correlation between the current US covid-19 situation and 5G towers.

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    1. You’re right about the 4G and 5G, I honestly knew nothing about that! That’s something I will look into further. Thanks!


    2. This doesn’t seem like an actual risk, and we’ve been using similar radio frequencies for decades, and they’re known to be safe. The atmosphere itself actually enforces an upper limit on the frequencies (and energies) we can go up to. There’s no reason not to trust the science on this any less than on anything else.


    3. The Sun is a much more dangerous source of electromagnetic radiation, with energy levels high enough to ionise and cause skin cancers.


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