Found A Psychologist

I accepted the necessity of finding a remote specialist and this morning found one based in Edinburgh of all places (where I've previously lived for 6 years), whom I called up to schedule a free consultation call. Her website was very promising since she mostly spoke about OCD, complex trauma and PTSD. On the call … Continue reading Found A Psychologist

Still Looking For An OCD Therapist

I'm still following up with a couple of psychology places to try to get some private sessions with someone who's hopefully equipped to deal with OCD. It really is such a specialist area and skillset. I emailed the most hopeful option (in-person sessions, most professional-looking) on Monday, and this time got an out-of-office reply that … Continue reading Still Looking For An OCD Therapist

Everything On The Table

Man I'm really struggling. I used to be able to find some real optimism and motivation, a goal that I could focus on to take precedence over the OCD, even throughout that ordeal in the shared house. For example one of those times was learning to grow house plants, then collecting them, with the idealistic … Continue reading Everything On The Table

Home Improvements With Opportunity OCD

I've been totally disabled by OCD for a week. This is the kind of OCD which hits me when my circumstances show signs of improving or some good event happens. Because I'm especially prone to OCD at the moment, these events are triggering. Also the particular OCD compulsion which has affected me for the past … Continue reading Home Improvements With Opportunity OCD